Park Maintenance

Maintaining a lawn cared for, especially during summer months, significantly reduces the temperature of the solar modules, thereby increasing the productivity of the same.
Photovoltaic systems are strongly affected also by the presence of weeds left uncultivated under the same growing that hinder the efficiency of the panels, reducing the yield up to 15%.
In addition, a photovoltaic untreated, over time incurs serious problems due to weeds and shrubs that can become tangled on the structures creating significant problems during maintenance and operation of the solar panels. It is therefore indispensable to a maintenance program for grass cutting and weeding of the critical areas.
The Park Maintenance in the area where the photovoltaic system in installed is made by Erross S.r.l. with the aid of suitable equipment for the purpose. At the same time Erross staff makes a visual inspection on the entire system to ensure proper operation and the absence of any abnormalities which, if any, are reported immediately.
From the experience we believe that a proper maintenance of photovoltaic systems needs 4 annual mowing interventions; however not be excluded, in the case of very rainy annuity or in areas with particularly humid microclimate, more interventions per year (1-2).

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