Service and maintenance

With its offers of assistance and maintenance, Erross S.r.l. provides energy production durable and the best operational availability (performance) of the photovoltaic system. Technical experts are always available for every need of maintenance, even after the commissioning of the plant, to ensure, depending on the contract maintenance, operation and optimal production, thanks to technical assistance and regular maintenance programmed. 

Preventive maintenance

Erross S.r.l. draw up and implement annual and multiannual preventive maintenance plans, taking into account the characteristics and technologies used by the manufacturer in the construction of the plant. These actions may include, for example:

  • cleaning of photovoltaic surface;
  • control and maintenance inverters/processors/UPS/support structures;
  • verification of wiring/electrical panels;
  • cleaning the site/cabins/ventilation and air conditioning;
  • park maintenance;
  • monitoring and updating of the remote control system.

To ensure maximum transparency, any intervention is carefully described in a special report delivered to the customer.

Special maintenance

Following reporting of the customer or through the Central Remote Control (in case the system is remotely controlled by Erross S.r.l.), any failure or anomaly is immediately detected and the verification procedures are started immediately:

  • Alarm: as a result of receipt of the alarm signal, is carried out in real-time control of all the parameters of the system, to identify the exact cause of the problem
  • Analysis: diagnosis of the nature and extent of the fault on the basis of the fault
  • Action: on-site visit of the technical team to act to restore the system, with the drafting of the report of the incident and of the solutions adopted
  • Verification: Central control of correct operation and closure of the operation.

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