Interface Protection Systems verify

On December 22, 2016, the Resolution of the AEEG 786/2016/R/EEL "Timing for the application of new provisions of CEI 0-16 and the new edition of the CEI 0-21 standard relating to inverters, interface protection and testing systems for accumulation systems" was published. It requires all energy producers to test Interface Protection with test cassette Relays, with five-year timing, if not done there is the suspension of GSE incentives.

The resolution divides the production facilities on which to perform the verification (with relay test cassette) on the interface protection system, in two categories:

  • Installations connected to medium voltage with rated power exceeding 11.08 kWp;
  • Low-voltage installations with a nominal power greater than 11.08 kWp, which have a dedicated interface protection system (external protection relay).


And PV plants with power < 11.08 kWp?

Holders of existing production facilities and connected to MT and BT networks with power up to 11.08 kWp, or with integrated SPI, must carry out SPI tests on a self-test basis each year and report them on a separate register without sending the results to the Distributor.


What timings should the verifications on relay protection systems be made?

(*) Before the entry into effectiveness of Resolution AEEGSI 786/2016/R/EEL.

Where the production plant consists of two or more sections, possibly also equipped with several interface protection systems with different dates of entry into operation, for the purposes of determining the time limits for periodic verification of the protection system Interface, reference is made to the date of entry into operation of the first section of the production plant and the verification will cover all system interface protection systems present in the plant.

In the case of replacement of interface protection systems for failure and/or malfunction, the above-mentioned periodic checks must be carried out.

The tests should then be made available to the distributor.


Is it mandatory to make the checks?

Yes. In cases where the plants subject to adjustment are found to be in breach, the distribution company will notify the GSE that it will suspend the provision of any incentives, as well as the effectiveness of any dedicated withdrawal agreements or exchange on the spot. Be careful because the resolution does not require the suppliers to send home communication on the need to carry out the verification.


Why contact Erross S.r.l. to adapt your photovoltaic system?

Erross S.r.l. will be able to offer you the interface protection verification service on your photovoltaic system according to current regulations. We will proceed with on-site test of devices with certificate editing, and then conclude with the bureaucratic tasks required for processing and forwarding documents to the network manager.

Contact our technical staff for telephone advice and a free and unobserved check-in.


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