Modules dry

Maintain the photovoltaic surface clean is the first step to ensure a constant and optimal energy yield.
Impurities that settle because of the environmental conditions around, together with the high summer temperatures, involving a considerable drop in production of the module, which results in lack of energy produced by the photovoltaic system, with a negative impact on the return on investment.
To ensure high performance over time of the photovoltaic system, optimizing the investment made by the customer, Erross S.r.l. offers the service of washing of the photovoltaic surface with demineralized water (free of calcium, an element that in time damage the glass of the module), to be made with a variable frequency depending on the environment in which the system is installed.
This service improves the efficiency of the system, with a performance rise of around 7% - 15% (is variable depending on the location of the plant) with respect to a module without cleaning.
The service of cleaning can be carried out on any type of installation: from the fixed to the tracking, the implant installed on the ground to that of coverage.

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