Administrative management

Due to a non-optimal management of stakeholder relationships (network operator, distributor, utilities, tax authorities/local, etc...) you may incur penalties or sanctions, up to the cancellation of the incentive fee recognized photovoltaic plants.

Erross S.r.l. makes available to its Clients its specialized staff in conducting administrative proceedings to the different entities involved, for example:

  • GSE: compliance cost and management information portal
  • ENEL: managing relationships with the energy utility company (ENEL or otherwise) for any issues related to the photovoltaic plant
  • Declaration of production and consumption of electricity in the previous year
  • Customhouses: requirements for systems with electrical workshop
  • Managing relations with AEEG (Authority for electricity and gas)
  • Statement Fuel-Mix
  • Unbundling Communication

All activities related to the administrative management are conducted internally by dedicated Erross staff, with active relationships with all agencies involved through direct knowledge, which are essential for the correct compilation and optimization of timing practices related to the management of the photovoltaic system.

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