Domestic photovoltaic system realization

Have you decided to install a solar photovoltaic system on the roof to produce your electricity? The most convenient choice is to dimension the plant be tailored to its consumption. Residential PV plants size ranging between 2 and 6 kWp, but may have a greater power. Convenience is higher, the higher it will be the produced energy consumption.


What are the advantages of installing a domestic PV power plant?

For a private the realization of a photovoltaic PV plant for his home power needs is an excellent investment and help bring security to its energy supply.

In addition to obtaining an immediate savings in the bill you are entitled, thanks to the mechanism of the Exchange on the place of the GSE, to the contribution in the exchange account, a clearing between the value associated with the electric energy produced and fed into the grid and the associated energy value electricity withdrawn and consumed in a period different from that in which the production takes place.

This allows to realize a specific form of self-consumption, entering in the network the electricity produced but not self-consumed directly, then pick it up at a different time from that at which the production takes place.

The owner of the apartment can also benefit from the tax deduction of 50% of the cost (up to 31/12/2017).

Why not take advantage now of all this convenience? Dimensions now your system and calculates the annual economic benefits with the new online simulator created by Erross team.


How much will it cost?

In order to design a suitable photovoltaic system for their own family consumption, it must first make a calculation of the actual electricity consumption on an annual basis, in kWh. Bearing in mind that in south-central Italy a 1 kWp photovoltaic system produces ca. 1300 kWh/year (orientation South) and that a typical family with counter limited to 3 kW normally consumes about 3000 kWh/year, a 3 kWp system could be enough to cover the annual needs.

It would require about 20 m2 of surface area on the roof, with the advantage of immediately reducing of about the 30% the electricity bill, a reduction that could - with a few tricks in the family - easily arrive at 40-45%. There are also new energy storage devices that offer the possibility of storing the energy produced by the PV plant during the day, bringing their own consumption up to 80% and allowing to become so nearly independent from the electricity grid.


Why choose Erross to install your PV power plant?

For over 10 years Erross occupies 360 degrees of renewable energies and in particular of photovoltaic systems. We take care of every detail in relation to the design, supply, connection to the grid, the presentation of the exchange demand on the spot. Our solutions are "all inclusive" and the customer will always be in close contact with technical and installer so that the photovoltaic system can be completed in accordance within the prescribed time.

Choose Erross means to rely on a quality team with a very high capacity for problem solving, quality that has led to an ever increasing growth of Erross in recent years and an increasing number management/maintenance of large Pv systems throughout Italy.

Choose Erross means choosing the safety and the reliability.


What is included in our services?

  • Energy Consulting and feasibility study;
  • Simulation of energy efficiency and cost of the photovoltaic system;
  • System design in relation to the space available for the modules and to the annual consumption;
  • Complete supply of photovoltaic modules, inverters, cabling etc.;
  • Supervision of connection to the electricity grid;
  • Test certificate;
  • Document management for net metering;
  • After sales service;
  • Service maintenance and fault resolution with remote monitoring (optional);

Start using online simulator to size your system and calculate the economic benefits of a photovoltaic PV power plant.

Contact our technicians for a telephone consultation and a possible free inspection and without obligation.


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