System optimization

Thanks to the expertise developed in the design and construction of plants and photovoltaic parks, Erross S.r.l. prepared and implements plans for improvement and optimization of installations, in order to restore and improve the productivity, with consequent economic benefits to the customer.

There are two possible actions of "Revamping":

  • recovery efficiency: for plant with malfunctions or that have been damaged, with diagnosis of the problems and solutions for increasing efficiency;
  • improvement of the investment: for plants well-functioning that, maintaining active the same Energy Bill, increase production, thus improving the financial plan and the return of the investment made.

The activity of "Revamping" is divided into several phases:

  • analysis of all the data related to the performance of the system, in order to ensure optimum performance and identify opportunities for improvement of performance;
  • identification and prioritization of critical issues;
  • pro-active intervention, suggestions for improvement and optimization measures;
  • economic and financial evaluation of additional investments in order to improve the performance of the system;
  • list of proposals and recommendations for restoring permanent and continuous performance improvement;
  • implementation of the plan of "revamping".

Thanks to the knowledge and experience gained through years of photovoltaic installations, Erross S.r.l. fails to promptly identify the areas of intervention on which to act, optimizing any situation that may arise, thus helping the return on investment for the customer.

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