Photovoltaic inverter repair and maintenance

Erross S.r.l. provides technical assistance in case of failure of a Power One or ABB photovoltaic inverter and more generally of any brand and type through the inverter repair and maintenance center. We carry out preventive maintenance of inverters on site, in the event that the fault requires a more in-depth diagnosis, we transport or receive the photovoltaic inverter at our headquarters in Nereto in Abruzzo. Highly qualified personnel and an electronic laboratory equipped with specific instruments allow us to guarantee rapid repairs at very competitive prices.

In our laboratory we carry:

  • repairs of inverters, drives and electronic boards;
  • reviews and regenerations in the event of wear and/or exhaustion of components;
  • disassembly and replacement service for quick cleaning in case of maintenance.

The steps of the repair process are:

  • complete disassembly of the equipments for general cleaning and checking;
  • inspection for damaged mechanical or plastic restoration;
  • immediate repair quote, cost depends on the detected failure, we do not apply fixed costs;
  • service in fast and cost-effective times because the work is carried out internally;
  • regeneration cards with replacement of worn components;
  • electronic intervention and/or replacement of damaged cards only in case of serious damage;
  • low rate of irreparability, guaranteed by the experience gained in the field and by the aid of specific instrumentation;
  • saving and re-inserting into the drive of the detected parameter settings.

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