Provided services in evidence

Service and maintenance

With its offers of assistance and maintenance, Erross S.r.l. provides energy production durable and the best operational availability (performance) of the photovoltaic system. Technical experts are always available for every need of maintenance, even after the commissioning of the plant, to ensure, depending on the contract maintenance, operation and optimal production, thanks to technical assistance and regular maintenance programmed. 

Photovoltaic inverter repair and maintenance

Erross S.r.l. provides technical assistance in case of failure of a Power One or ABB photovoltaic inverter and more generally of any brand and type through the inverter repair and maintenance center. We carry out preventive maintenance of inverters on site, in the event that the fault requires a more in-depth diagnosis, we transport or receive the photovoltaic inverter at our headquarters in Nereto in Abruzzo. Highly qualified personnel and an electronic laboratory equipped with specific instruments allow us to guarantee rapid repairs at very competitive prices.

Interface Protection Systems verify

On December 22, 2016, the Resolution of the AEEG 786/2016/R/EEL "Timing for the application of new provisions of CEI 0-16 and the new edition of the CEI 0-21 standard relating to inverters, interface protection and testing systems for accumulation systems" was published. It requires all energy producers to test Interface Protection with test cassette Relays, with five-year timing, if not done there is the suspension of GSE incentives.

Design and manufacture electrical cabinets

Through a well-stocked internal workshop and specialized staff, we provide design and manufacture of electrical distribution cabinets ranging from small home exchanges to high power cabinets, copper bars and boxed or open switches. We produce panels for central heating and air conditioning, complete with wiring diagrams, and standard certifications.

Domestic photovoltaic system realization

Have you decided to install a solar photovoltaic system on the roof to produce your electricity? The most convenient choice is to dimension the plant be tailored to its consumption. Residential PV plants size ranging between 2 and 6 kWp, but may have a greater power. Convenience is higher, the higher it will be the produced energy consumption.

PV power plant check-up

Are you sure it's working correctly? Your PV power plant is like your car, if you treat it well and you do all the inspections it will last for a long time, if you do not maintenance it will not last long and in case of breakdown, recovery will be costly and invasive. Typically a PV power plant needs routine maintenance at least once a year.

It's time to change

When the winds of change blow, some people build walls, others build windmills.

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