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When properly installed the system and verified the different components...

When properly installed the system and verified the different components used (mounting brackets, insulation, wiring, etc...), periodic inspections, usually yearly, will be sufficient to verify that everything is working properly. However, photovoltaic modules, being constantly exposed outside, are subject to various agents (dust, smog, bird droppings) that can reduce the production and then the economic returns resulting from the energy bill.

Routine maintenance includes:

  • cleaning of photovoltaic modules;
  • verify integrity of the components;
  • control of the electrical connections and wiring;
  • fault repair and replacement of electrical materials;
  • verification watertight modules;
  • analysis of returns;
  • annual report with the audit findings;

The maintenance includes:

  • replacement of damaged photovoltaic modules or inverters;
  • restoring electrical connections damaged if lightning strikes;
  • all operations not included in the routine maintenance;

In case of failure Erross S.r.l. guarantees the intervention within 24 hours.

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